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About Me

I have over seven years of experience as a multimedia journalist, four years of experience as an editor, and two years of experience as an event producer, consultant, and curator.  I also work in space transformation, radio, policy writing, advertising, team management, and social media marketing. 

Innovation and social and environmental justice are woven into everything I do.  I am a mixed race pansexual woman whose perspectives are integral to my work, but it is also my mission to listen to others and understand and amplify their lived experiences.

I create, advise, and uplift

In all of my work, I aim to bring the stories of underrepresented and marginalized communities into the public eye in an informative and entertaining way.


In my free time, I make music as a solo artist and with my band, Primp. I also volunteer with local arts and culture organizations and spend a good deal of time networking with other creatives, particularly BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S, low-income, gender non-conforming, and women artists and community members who inspire me.

Through experience, I have learned how to work in finance, business, marketing, promotions, team management, policy writing, advertising, and more. I am happy to bring this knowledge to a business, as well as my curatorial and consultation services and awareness.

Finding new and exciting ways to send a message is my passion. Reach out if you have ideas or would like to connect. The more brainpower, inspiration, and collaboration I have access to, the more my work can serve the community.

Clients &


Here are some of the groups I've worked with:

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Recent Audio Work


Cushy Radio

Hosted by Aly Laube

Wednesday 5pm - 6pm

Cushy Radio is a weekly show hosted by me, Aly Laube, the co-owner of Cushy Entertainment. Hello!

The purpose of Cushy is to uplift and amplify the voices of marginalized artists through event production and promotion — a mission dear to Aly’s heart as well as her business partner’s, Mati Cormier. They’re both queer women who grew up in the local music scene, and together they try to throw the most inclusive, accessible, and fun parties possible.

The Myth of the Ethical Canadian Diamond - P1Aly Laube
00:00 / 06:55
The Myth of the Ethical Canadian Diamond - P2Aly Laube
00:00 / 07:30

This series examines the perception of the Canadian diamond as an ethical alternative to "blood diamonds" sourced in other parts of the world. According to experts in the field, that imagemight be little more than a marketing ploy steeped in decades of history. Listen to get an insider perspective on the luxurious, glitzy, and sometimes scandalous diamond industry.

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